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**For more suspension specifications don't hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to help you to choose the ideal shock absorber model for your car.

Rally suspension (RG models)


This type of rally suspension is manufactured especially for gravel rallies. The suspensions can be adjustable for the downward bump, rebound damping rate and height. All rally suspensions are assembled with Proset racing springs with a progressive spring system. It is designed with or without gas reservoir. 



Road and Motorsport (RD and M models)


The Road and Motorsport model is a simple racing shock absorber that is used for road sport cars and can be height adjustable only, but always with a special racing setting.  

Rally Suspension (RT models)


This type of rally suspension is manufactured in monotube and inverted tube. The dampers are adjustable for the downward bump and rebound damping rate and adjustable ride height setting. The suspensions are assembled with Proset racing springs. The suspensions are manufactured with or without gas reservoir.  



Proset racing parts


The Proset racing parts are produced with the aim to give you the extra grip you may need or to give you the possibility to substitute your old racing parts. We offer racing wheel studs, and racing wheel spacer with high quality materials.

Apart from that we give you the opportunity to buy complete inverted tubes to use them on your own suspension cage.  



The GT-Spec model is designed for racing circuit cars. The suspensions are height adjustable as well as bump and rebound adjustable. The suspensions are assembeled with Proset racing springs with a progressive spring system and is produced with the option with reservoir or without reservoir. 


Special for: Racing circuit cars

Proset competition springs


Proset designs and manufactures its own springs. With an extraordinary design and with the use of the best materials, we offer our clients the best solutions for their car stability and balance. The springs are used in tough terrain and racing circuits and are the springs we use in all our proset suspensions and can be now also seperately offered.

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